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Moving and Living in West Eugene, Oregon

West Eugene is known for being the home of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.

It is a contemporary space for art events, music, ballet, and many more. Perhaps, Eugene pride itself in outdoor and recreational activities and is committed to the arts.

Living in West Eugene

West Eugene is an incredibly diverse fantastic place filled with many loving people and different cultures all around it. It has many excellent restaurants and plenty of incredible places to visit. Perhaps, this place is ideal for you if you like doing outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and biking.

Benefits of Moving to West Eugene

  • It has a lower cost of living and housing than in the Eugene Metro Area.

Living in West Eugene is relatively cheaper than living in the Eugene Metro Area. According to the Areavibes, the living index’s cost of living in West Eugene is 109, lower than the Eugene index with 118. Perhaps, the housing index here is also lower than the Eugene index of 122 with only 93.

  • It has amicable residents and a family-friendly environment.

Everyone here tries their best to be friendly and approachable to all. Perhaps, West Eugene has a lot of outdoor activities that your whole family can enjoy. They even have an event called Memorial Day Weekend where they honor the memories of their loved ones by staying close to home and visiting historical places.

  • It has many excellent restaurants.

West Eugene has so many fantastic local restaurants that offer high quality and delicious foods. On the top of that list is the Cornbread Café, which provides a must try spicy jalapeno cornbread, fried chicken tempeh with gravy and mashed potatoes, and Eugenewich Sandwich with Ju Ju’s potato wedges. They serve vegan comfort food in an old-fashioned 1950s diner with a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff.

Moreover, if you love seafood, you should visit Fisherman’s Market. It is one of the best choices of a seafood restaurant in West Eugene. It is both a Fish Market and an excellent dining place. Perhaps, they have a wide selection of boat to plate seafood from fish tacos to Dungeness crab dinner.


The total population in West Eugene is 3,801. Perhaps, this area’s population density is less than half of the city-wide numbers of 3,661 people per square mile population density. The West Eugene Community, on the other hand, only has a population density ratio of 613 people per square mile.

Real Estate

According to Realtor, there are currently two homes for sale here in West Eugene, ranging from $100,000 to $315,000. At the same time, there are no current home listings in this area in Zillow.


West Eugene is under Eugene School District 4J. It is an above-average school that ranked 19th in Best School District in Oregon, according to Niche Ranks. Moreover, the prestigious University of Oregon is in Eugene and is just 2.1 miles away from this neighborhood. 


Eugene is one of the largest employers in the region. Therefore, they offer various employment opportunities and benefits to their residents. If you’re interested in applying, you can always check job openings on their website.


West Eugene Community is home to the Amazon Creek and the Willow Creek. You and your family can go to these bodies of water and enjoy activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. You can also visit Monroe Park and Charnel Mulligan Park, famous for their playgrounds and sports fields.

Moreover, West Eugene’s residents are creative and amicable, making this place even more significant. It’s indeed one of the best places to live with its large land area and great people.


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