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Hummingbird Care Home

4725 Village Plaza Loop Suite 200, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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    Magik Inari
    November 05, 2023

    Hummingbird made sure their senior administrative staff was available to lie to my family, tell them that I had diagnoses that I did not have, and personally treated me like subhuman garbage. Their administrative staff was cheerfully using profanity, slurs, and extreme verbal aggression towards myself, in front of other residents, as well as doing things like House Leads reading clients' HIPPA-protected files on a couch while people are coming and going, and everyone can hear it, and people were asking them to please use the office for that, and they said they didn't want to. The level of professionalism witnessed by Hummingbird staff at every level, from junior untrained employees serving uncooked meat to residents, as well as the Owners specifically refusing to sit down to meet with a client about serious concerns about how they were being treated and had had proper destroyed by staff...y'know? There are a lot of care homes that try to be professional, and lean more personal. I'm at one right now. In my personal experience, Hummingbird Care Homes employees are instructed to care about every dollar, such that I was told that the $2 tissue paper was too expensive for the home to provide, that instead I should just clean up allergy-nose with toilet paper to save Hummingbird big $$$. Nevermind that they had provided it to everyone else, and the only difference is my complexion, afro hair, and my harmless autism. :) Of course, I'm not suggesting anything, just sharing my experience as one of their clients for several years. During that time, it was quite peaceful, until the Owners and Admin decided to run Homes themselves instead of using trained & fully qualified House Managers with appropriate sensitivity training to the clients. It was no fault of employees that really cared, it was entirely a pseudo-corporate management that wanted a Greater Profit Per Home, and I got reminded of this for months, and months, and months. Value for the money, hence, is non-existent. They specified to myself and my family, that they distinctly preferred clients to have families that were 'uninvolved' with the client, they didn't seem to understand that mine was highly involved, and kept being rude and inappropriately pushy about money. It's a shame, because I met so many good people during this time of my life. It is unfortunate that a culture of ableism pervades. Even if the doctors say you are well, "clearly, the diagnosis is incorrect" becomes the catchphrase. If I would ask someone to please read an encyclopedia article relevant to my diagnosis, a task of perhaps five minutes to such learned peoples, I was that wasn't relevant to "caring for me". Mind, most of the admin/new staff they hired literally couldn't spell my 5 letter name correctly. So...that's my take on the kind of value you get per $$$ with this company. I would not want them to take care of the worst person I've ever met, a 'Leslie'. 0/100. Would give lower, but apparently not allowed.

    Renee Hiner
    March 14, 2023

    I’ve been with Hummingbird for almost 3 years, and I don’t think I will ever leave. I’ve been in health care for a long long time and almost quit due to the inhuman, neglected, horrible places I’ve seen but then came Hummingbird! From day one, I’ve received more than a fair salary, a flexible schedule, compassion, support, respect etc! They put their residence first, money is never an issue and the owners Pilar and Louie are as involved as a DSP. You can go straight to them with any concerns, ideas etc.. They have wonderful staff appreciation and allow each program to be their own! We don’t have to follow all these unnecessary rules. We can pick our own flow, our own vibes in each program! Whatever is fitting to our individuals! Hummingbird not only has been incredible employers, but they have went above and way beyond for me personally. I had my first child, and they gifted my sweet girl her stroller, car seat, diapers, bottle set, blankets, and much much more! They even paid for both of our health insurance while I was on leave. The list goes on and on and on.. I am forever grateful 😇

    Lucas Castillo Delgado
    January 19, 2022

    I've worked here for about 4 months, and so far, I've seen nothing but care and compassion from all the staff and the residents. People care for each other, and want the best from each of the residents. I have quite a bit of respect for this place. Granted, this is my first time working at a carehome, so it's hard to compare to other ones- but from my short experience, this is a good place, trying their best to care for their residents.

    Cindy Kasner
    February 03, 2021

    The owners seem to be kind caring people. However, there is poor management at some programs and definitely a degree of favoritism that complicates work ethics. Each home is run differently depending on who manages it. Overall this is not an environment that I would place a loved in for care.

    Tony LaRicci
    January 11, 2022

    I would not entrust the care of those I love with this organization. The problem is not the caregivers, but middle and upper management. These levels of management consistently make poor decisions that negatively affects residents in their care. Many of these choices can be attributed to incompetence and cost-cutting. I'd suggest any other organization, especially one that is non-profit.

    Hummingbird Care Home

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    4725 Village Plaza Loop Suite 200, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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