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Avamere Riverpark of Eugene

425 Alexander Loop, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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    Joshua Brown
    June 09, 2024

    1 I had a stroke and it was an avenue 3 months they're very knowledgeable respectable and caring staff. I than all of them for everything.

    JL Olsen
    December 30, 2022

    The staff is awesome the patient staff ratio is way over. The poor CNAs are run ragged but still keep their smiles. Med aides and nurses very compassionate. Physical therapy I think is over maxed my mom was not getting enough rehab the therapy room is amazing if only they would use it more. The facility is nice and people are amazing just under staffed. Food was not great at all! So more people and better food! Please please give staff a pat they are doing amazing at trying to keep up. I heard one CNA, Isaac getting the business from a patient and he stayed ever so sweet and calmed him down. My mom said he was the kindest young man to her even when she was grumpy! I would suggest white boards in patients rooms so they know who is on and times and the date it is also turn lights on don't let them sit in the dark! A few suggestions however they take care of their residents and I didn't hear on complaint from a resident and my my mom had a few roommates. Caring staff they are so great!

    Elderly Neglect Abuse Advocate
    September 04, 2023

    Horrible place, as they all are. Prior pister us weing or a fake review because Avamere is always understaffed. I watched as staff dragged a man who had slid down in his wheel chair back to his room while his feet dragged on the carpet pulling his socks off giving him rug burns. How does a facility liable for patients care, allow ulcers to the bone to happen. My family member was scheduled to get out after rehab, & the day before he was to be discharged, he died. His TED hose were bunched up around his ankles causing circulation to be cut off causing an ulcer to the bone. But the facilitiy documented that he died naturally & had hypertension. 3 out of 4 death certificates in the US are wrong because facilities are allowed to falsifiy records & death certificates. A law needs to be passed that when a person dies in any facility, that an ME must look over the body to document any signs of abuse or neglect and photograph any that they find. And let's not forget the lack of quality of food. Food that isn't even fit for a pig to consume, while the owner of Avamere gives away millions of dollars instead of investing in his own residents care.

    Alex Shurtliff
    April 06, 2023

    Do not send your loved ones here. My grandma required opioid pain medication for years to combat her chronic pain from MS and arthritis. They lost her oxy! For a whole day a 81 year old women who took pain pills every 2 hours had to go without for over 10 hours while they looked for it. I came to visit her as I often did to find her confused and sluggish in the bathroom. I could see where she had diarrhea and had tried to clean it up herself while being to out of it to actually clean it up. Their doctor and nurses ignore the warning signs of her swelling legs and she was back on an ambulance the next day she came home.

    Bernie McJunkin
    December 29, 2022

    Mom was at Avamere Riverpark three different times, and now Dad is here rehabbing from a stroke. They don’t have to come here, they choose to. They know the care is always very good, and the staff exceptional. The rehab team is, without fail, top notch and second to none. It’s so easy to sit back and be critical and opinionated about things you only partially understand, but it’s inherently unhelpful. Be part of the solution! If you really want to ensure the highest quality of care for someone you love, don’t just leave them alone in any kind of healthcare facility, and go on your way, hoping for the best. Go there, stay with your person every day, learn about their care, and offer to help. It will be an education See what staff is up against as they try to provide critical services to a diverse and growing population of often very fragile and needy individuals. It is an impossible, largely thankless job, yet they keep coming back to it, day after day. That takes serious grit and heart. There are much easier, more lucrative ways to earn a living but they pick this one. Just imagine what would happen if they didn’t. Then criticize accordingly. Thank you Riverpark, for being there whenever we’ve needed you,, and a million thank you’s for taking such good care of my wonderful parents!

    Avamere Riverpark of Eugene

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    425 Alexander Loop, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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